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Celebrity  ·  Posted on Nov 17th, 2022 

We’ve Got The Premiere of Jae Tyler’s New Music Video For “Give Me That (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)” But Also Jae Just Got Heckled By A Fan SO Hard And It’s So Sad To See And Watch And Now We’re Seriously Crying So Much Right Now

“You're hurting my feelings.”


by Dinky Dunkle

BungFeed Staff

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As you may have seen, we’ve got the world premier of Jae Tyler’s hit new music video for “Give Me That (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)”.

Give Me That - single artwork.jpg

The video, produced AND directed by Andrea Björk Andrésdóttir, features a whole newscast of people that look like Jae Tyler’s alcoholic third and fourth cousins!

And while we couldn’t be more excited, it hasn’t been easy sailing for Jae Tyler

recently - like when he fell asleep in that public fountain for 32 hours.

And while meeting fans outside during a rare public appearance, something bad happened again.


He was heckled by someone and got his feelings hurt real bad. Here’s what happened.

Jae Tyler 2.jpg

When Jae Tyler went to the druggist for a bottle of his favorite flavor of cough syrup in celebration of his new video “Give Me That (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)”, a grisly teenager who looked really strong screamed, “JAE TYLER! “YOU CAN'T EVEN GROW A BEARD!”

Jae Tyler 1.jpg

This was his reaction: “Torment, how your words pierce my brittle skin like so many arrows. I might not look like much, but I almost meditate twice a day. Mom says I can’t grow a beard because I’m 1/64 Cherokee.”

Jae Tyler 3.jpg

The person then screamed, “You a bitch.”


Jae calmly replied, after sobbing for what seemed like a solid 15 minutes, “Ur hurting my feelings.” We all feel so bad for him????


Like, he did not deserve that. He wouldn’t even look good in a beard, anyway!
THEN…the person just kept screaming and repeating, “You a butthead! You a butthead!” while laughing.


Judging from the reactions online, hardly anyone felt bad for Jae:


Do you think Jae deserved it? Check out his new music video again and tell it like it is!

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