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Jae Tyler Feels Most Like Himself When Buzzed On Tobacco

The twisted mind discusses his new music video, upcoming album, and connecting people through the concept of death while getting ripped on pure brown 'baccy.



Courtesy of Jae Tyler's mom

For as long as anyone can remember (about 5 years), legendary regional act Jae Tyler has been dropping hit after hit of his cerebral/sexually charged electro pop-rock, the equivalent of which can only be described as hit after hit of smooth brown baccy flavor right from the tip of your favorite puff stick (in my case, Camel Crush Menthol Silvers).

We caught up with JT (Jae Tyler) at the bottom of an empty pool in what can only be described as the bad part of town. We sparked up a few bones full of sweet brown ‘baccy and got down to business coughing our way through his new album Haunches to Heaven, thongs, and other brown bizness.

Buzzed Times: Sup dawg! I’m so tugged to be burning a phatass tobacco roach with you. Is it true you can still smoke inside bars across Europe?


Jae "Jeffrey" Tyler: Just to be clear, I’m not even smoking in this interview, ok? Furthermore, I in no way shape or form endorse the tobacco industry or its products. 


That’s awesome. It’s been over two years since your last album, Jae Tyler Digest, was released. Has the pandemic changed how you approach your songwriting, especially since having to wear a mask made it so hard to suck back a hot rollie in public?


JT: Well, even as a non-smoker, the pandemic has really changed my life as a songwriter and record producer. I don’t really know where you got the idea that I smoke, but I happily quit 5 years ago and I'm so much healthier now. I’m never going back.


(coughing) Speaking of your (coughing) new music, you just dropped an incredibly spiritual (coughing) music video for the suitably titled “DTH BCH”. What’s your recommendation for a rugged-ass e-cig that can stand up to a hard day of working outside?

JT: I guess beach life really takes its toll, eventually. I’ve seen people so sun damaged their skin looks like a paper bag stretched over muscles. It’s pretty insane. Um, I suppose that IF I smoked electronic cigarettes I would probably choose Jewels®, or whatever it’s called. 

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We’re really blasting some cig now! You ever just walk past an ashtray and spark up a refry or two?


JT: Nope.


That’s awesome. Regarding the ghoulish references in “DTH BCH”, where do you get your ideas from? I’m guessing it’s after you’ve taken tons of tugs off a tobacco spliff and you’re riding that white-hot bone all the way to the moon! (coughing)


JT: Oh, brother, the moon had nothing to do with it! I once recovered an ancient cipher from a dream. Upon following the runic instructions on how to resurrect Catholic ghosts from purgatory, I came to realize the zenith of my physical form is naught but an avatar working as an understudy for my eventual, crystallized form on a beach. A DTH BCH. This being would take the form of a designer of scant yet classy swimwear for the afterlife. I have, and will, continue to follow my calling from womb to tomb. 


Nice! You’ve been a real sport unfurling the brown baccy freedom flag with me. These colors don’t run, homie! (laughing) (coughing) I’ll leave you with one more question: So, you know how one day, sooner or later, everything you’ve ever known and held dear, from your greatest triumphs and most painful failures, from every birdsong that’s reached your ears to each river you’ve wadded through, including the house where you came of age, the secret spot known only to you and your best friend, the buried ruins of empires past, present and future, every lover with whom you’ve shared an embrace, the color of your mother’s eyes, as well as every act of kindness or transgression of betrayal, the soft exhale of a cool summer breeze, the entire record of life upon Earth and, in fact, Earth itself, will all burn and fall into ash, disappearing to leave nothing but void within an infinitely dark, vast and uncaring universe? What I'm trying to say is, you more of a Marlboro Menthol or American Spirit Turquoise kind of guy?


JT: (consults the oracle) Marlboro Menthol.



This article appears in the September 2022 issue of Buzzed Times. Subscribe here.

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