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Jae Tyler’s new single “DTH BCH” is a sonic swim meet not for the faint of pelvic floor

21 SEPT 2022, 16:05 | Written by Gene Kriemer

Jae Tyler is suggestively passive about the inspiration behind “DTH BCH”, the ‘fist fuel’ for his upcoming LP, which will arrive by his B-day 2023.

The soft core-soundtrack magic of “DTH BCH” draws on Jae Tyler’s (pronounced dzh-âÿ Teiłurr) myriad talents. Across Cleveland steamers, music, bass guitar, sewing, guitar, and pianos it’s no surprise that “DTH BCH” is a fully-“fleshed” musical montage with artistry on every level, and arriving alongside a stunning adult-film toned music video, directed by Sigurlaug Gísladóttir, Jae creates a hole underworld for this story.

Athens-based, after moving over from the US, Jae has proven his constant dedication to creativity through working on ‘writing songs’ since the release of his debut “Jae Tyler Digest” to much critical acclaim on 31/01/2020. Is Jae all business? Yes, but his music feels anything but.

Jam-packed with swirling synth textures and overstated vocal dexterity, Jae Tyler pulls together all his influences and emotions on the latest release. Get ready for a contemplative nightmare swim in a sexy netherworld replete with ‘thong donning spectres beckoning you to the ether with jazz flutes and lurid choreography’. This sad boy is bringing all his emotional baggage together to form a quiet sense of acceptance, “DTH BCH” is a perfect song.


“No need to work out. You won’t need any body. Not even sunscreen or your bong. Maybe only your favourite thong…”, the unheavenly host inveigles. “DTH BCH” is the blueprint for what the afterlife might look like. 


“I was feeling extra inspired by Prince†(RIP) at the time, and was also feeling kinda sexy, so I decided to rewrite ‘The Ballad of Dorothy Parker’ in a manner that felt more “moi”. What resulted was rather the soundtrack to a sort of seance between myself and some body-positive, Catholic ghosts.” 


On the creative process, Jae continues, “I used to want to sing the blues, because I naturally have a blues voice like Bonnie Raitt, ya know, stanky like that, or at least that’s what my dad always tells me. Anyways, this song more than any other (song) really helped me overcome my fear of g-g-g-GHOSTS!!”

“DTH BCH” is out now with the new LP Haunches to Heaven set for release in January 2023. Find Jae Tyler on Instagram.

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