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Jae Tyler shares sinfully

smoothe single “DTH BCH”

SEPT 15, 2022            DICK GRINDERTRON


Topeka, Kansas’s Jae Tyler has just released a fully realised masterpiece of purgatory, titled “DTH BCH”, directed by Sígurlaug Gísladóttir. At only 35 years old, Jae is already exhibiting much promise after releasing a series of blast-worthy singles such as “Famous” and “SPEED” that has crystallised him as a midwestern force of reckoning, earning him the moniker “The Topeka Tornado”. His latest track is a smooth hyper-rock anthem that exudes post-life, Catholic-ghost orgy energy that veritably hooks the listener.

“DTH BCH” Overtures with soothing SK-5 waves crashing on a cybernetic beach festooned with mid-heavy synths, guitars, and unholy ghosts quivering their jaunty haunches. Jae’s repetitive rhythms build a solid foundation for his charismatic, and effortlessly deft vocal delivery that has you swaying to Jae’s oceanic flow from the word g-g-g-go. Jae’s too-close-for-comfort presence on the mic is more felt, rather than heard, as he spits line after line of soul defaming melodic flair that adds mucho replay value. 

The latest from Kansas’s Jae Tyler, “DTH BCH” finds him eternally locked in a self-imposed Waterworld of worry trading stylish verses with a Catholic ghost, making for a popular, hard-hitting listen.


Connect with Jae Tyler: Spotify | Instagram | Myspace


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Our Lady of  Sorrows Daily 


Fathom, if you will, a song that sings of scorned souls cursed with ripened sweet-fruits hanging amidst unsightly thongs. Ghastly apparitions, caught between corporality and the ethereal, exploring pleasure in the dark sands betwixt their toes, lost upon the beaches of perdition. Who would find 

Haunches to Heaven

(Street Pulse, 2022)

Jae Tyler defies accepted liturgy with blasphemous new dirge 'DTH BCH'

But even us Men of the Cloth can’t deny - this song rocks!



Published Sept 18, 2022



Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 6.58.25 PM.png

frivolity and reason to rejoice upon such a melancholy entanglement with annihilation? There can only be one. The Siren of Sin, Jae Tyler. 


This dude ROCKS.


With the blast of the proverbial ram’s horn, Jae Tyler has crafted one H-E-L-L of a video for the aforementioned “DTH BCH”. A true dirge, and scourge, of the Rock Gods. 


Come, let us sing our joy for Jae Tyler; let us shout aloud to the Sexual Hard Rock of our salvation. Let his message of body positivity in the afterlife resound, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.

Praise Jae Tyler in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens. Praise him for his acts of power; praise him for his surpassing greatness. Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, praise him with the harp and lyre, praise him with timbrel and dancing, praise him with the strings and pipe, praise him with the clash of cymbals. Oh! Praise him with resounding cymbals. But, above all, praise him for absolutely shredding upon his Japanese made solid maple body Epiphone ET-290N Crestwood in Royal Tan 22-fret axe!

As a Jae Fearing man, I recount: For those who did not defile themselves with women, and remained virgins into the World Beyond, the fruit shalln’t have ripened for no cause. For even as a spirit, Jae Tyler reveals that within the afterlife, and within the DTH BCH, one may still make big time sex on the eternal shores of the frothing deep. Rock on!

This article also appears in the September 2022 issue of U.S. Catholic (Vol. 666, No. 69, page 420).  Click here to subscribe to the magazine.


Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 6.29.52 PM.png


Slam dunk! Find solace in God's Everlasting Love this Saturday night at SKY ZONE TRAMPOLINE PARK located in the old Taco Bell off US-75 in Holton, KS!

God Rules! Nintendo!

@6PM / 105 US-75, Holton, KS 66436

Cool Text - JUMPING    4 JESUS 419103700763621.png

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Jae Tyler’s new single “DTH BCH” is a sonic swim meet not for the faint of pelvic floor

21 SEPT 2022, 16:05 | Written by Gene Kriemer

Jae Tyler is suggestively passive about the inspiration behind “DTH BCH”, the ‘fist fuel’ for his upcoming LP, which will arrive by his B-day 2023.

The soft core-soundtrack magic of “DTH BCH” draws on Jae Tyler’s (pronounced dzh-âÿ Teiłurr) myriad talents. Across Cleveland steamers, music, bass guitar, sewing, guitar, and pianos it’s no surprise that “DTH BCH” is a fully-“fleshed” musical montage with artistry on every level, and arriving alongside a stunning adult-film toned music video, directed by Sigurlaug Gísladóttir, Jae creates a hole underworld for this story.

Athens-based, after moving over from the US, Jae has proven his constant dedication to creativity through working on ‘writing songs’ since the release of his debut “Jae Tyler Digest” to much critical acclaim on 31/01/2020. Is Jae all business? Yes, but his music feels anything but.

Jam-packed with swirling synth textures and overstated vocal dexterity, Jae Tyler pulls together all his influences and emotions on the latest release. Get ready for a contemplative nightmare swim in a sexy netherworld replete with ‘thong donning spectres beckoning you to the ether with jazz flutes and lurid choreography’. This sad boy is bringing all his emotional baggage together to form a quiet sense of acceptance, “DTH BCH” is a perfect song.


“No need to work out. You won’t need any body. Not even sunscreen or your bong. Maybe only your favourite thong…”, the unheavenly host inveigles. “DTH BCH” is the blueprint for what the afterlife might look like. 


“I was feeling extra inspired by Prince†(RIP) at the time, and was also feeling kinda sexy, so I decided to rewrite ‘The Ballad of Dorothy Parker’ in a manner that felt more “moi”. What resulted was rather the soundtrack to a sort of seance between myself and some body-positive, Catholic ghosts.” 


On the creative process, Jae continues, “I used to want to sing the blues, because I naturally have a blues voice like Bonnie Raitt, ya know, stanky like that, or at least that’s what my dad always tells me. Anyways, this song more than any other (song) really helped me overcome my fear of g-g-g-GHOSTS!!”

“DTH BCH” is out now with the new LP Haunches to Heaven set for release in January 2023. Find Jae Tyler on Instagram.


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Jae Tyler Feels Most Like Himself When Buzzed On Tobacco

The twisted mind discusses his new music video, upcoming album, and connecting people through the concept of death while getting ripped on pure brown 'baccy.



Courtesy of Jae Tyler's mom

For as long as anyone can remember (about 5 years), legendary regional act Jae Tyler has been dropping hit after hit of his cerebral/sexually charged electro pop-rock, the equivalent of which can only be described as hit after hit of smooth brown baccy flavor right from the tip of your favorite puff stick (in my case, Camel Crush Menthol Silvers).

We caught up with JT (Jae Tyler) at the bottom of an empty pool in what can only be described as the bad part of town. We sparked up a few bones full of sweet brown ‘baccy and got down to business coughing our way through his new album Haunches to Heaven, thongs, and other brown bizness.

Buzzed Times: Sup dawg! I’m so tugged to be burning a phatass tobacco roach with you. Is it true you can still smoke inside bars across Europe?


Jae "Jeffrey" Tyler: Just to be clear, I’m not even smoking in this interview, ok? Furthermore, I in no way shape or form endorse the tobacco industry or its products. 


That’s awesome. It’s been over two years since your last album, Jae Tyler Digest, was released. Has the pandemic changed how you approach your songwriting, especially since having to wear a mask made it so hard to suck back a hot rollie in public?


JT: Well, even as a non-smoker, the pandemic has really changed my life as a songwriter and record producer. I don’t really know where you got the idea that I smoke, but I happily quit 5 years ago and I'm so much healthier now. I’m never going back.


(coughing) Speaking of your (coughing) new music, you just dropped an incredibly spiritual (coughing) music video for the suitably titled “DTH BCH”. What’s your recommendation for a rugged-ass e-cig that can stand up to a hard day of working outside?

JT: I guess beach life really takes its toll, eventually. I’ve seen people so sun damaged their skin looks like a paper bag stretched over muscles. It’s pretty insane. Um, I suppose that IF I smoked electronic cigarettes I would probably choose Jewels®, or whatever it’s called. 

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We’re really blasting some cig now! You ever just walk past an ashtray and spark up a refry or two?


JT: Nope.


That’s awesome. Regarding the ghoulish references in “DTH BCH”, where do you get your ideas from? I’m guessing it’s after you’ve taken tons of tugs off a tobacco spliff and you’re riding that white-hot bone all the way to the moon! (coughing)


JT: Oh, brother, the moon had nothing to do with it! I once recovered an ancient cipher from a dream. Upon following the runic instructions on how to resurrect Catholic ghosts from purgatory, I came to realize the zenith of my physical form is naught but an avatar working as an understudy for my eventual, crystallized form on a beach. A DTH BCH. This being would take the form of a designer of scant yet classy swimwear for the afterlife. I have, and will, continue to follow my calling from womb to tomb. 


Nice! You’ve been a real sport unfurling the brown baccy freedom flag with me. These colors don’t run, homie! (laughing) (coughing) I’ll leave you with one more question: So, you know how one day, sooner or later, everything you’ve ever known and held dear, from your greatest triumphs and most painful failures, from every birdsong that’s reached your ears to each river you’ve wadded through, including the house where you came of age, the secret spot known only to you and your best friend, the buried ruins of empires past, present and future, every lover with whom you’ve shared an embrace, the color of your mother’s eyes, as well as every act of kindness or transgression of betrayal, the soft exhale of a cool summer breeze, the entire record of life upon Earth and, in fact, Earth itself, will all burn and fall into ash, disappearing to leave nothing but void within an infinitely dark, vast and uncaring universe? What I'm trying to say is, you more of a Marlboro Menthol or American Spirit Turquoise kind of guy?


JT: (consults the oracle) Marlboro Menthol.



This article appears in the September 2022 issue of Buzzed Times. Subscribe here.

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Jae Tyler





GENRE:   Sex/Rock        LABEL: Street Pulse        REVIEWED: October 1, 2022   

Jae Tyler's new music isn't just a foreboding sign of the times, it's a warning. Not that he's been a bad guy, but he's been a bad guy lately. Now the time has come for Jae Tyler to face the music. If you're not careful, he's going to get hurt.

"My name is Jae Tyler. My friends call me Jae Tyler. I am a 35 year old lifeguard at an amusement park in Kansas. I was walking home from work one night and I saw a man running in the street. I stopped and asked the man if he was alright. He was obviously drunk and he said that he was going to die. He said that he wanted to die at the beach, so I helped him make his way to the beach. When we got to the beach, it was a DTH BCH. " - Jae Tyler

I am a huge fan of Jae Tyler, especially her music.  Her new music video is so creative and it sure shows she has a great sense of humor. The creative influence on this video was the ever popular, Bohemian Goul.  This is a very hard type of music that has a beat that is very relatable to people. This is a new type of music, often referred to as electronic dirge.  


Jae Tyler DTH BCH. It's a thong with 2 pockets that hold 2 hard rocks. It's perfect for those of us who prefer a high hard rock to a low hard rock, but please understand that you can wear these with any type of thong. It's also a decent size thong, but not very comfortable to wear, so make sure you try it on. For those who love hard rock, you'll want to have this thong.


Will you please welcome in my death beach, Jae Tyler. You know what I'm talking about, you've heard the song, you know the words, you know the lyrics, you know the chords. You can't hold back, you can't fight this, you're gonna die. You're gonna die. You're gonna die. You're gonna die. You're gonna die. You're gonna die.

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Jae Tyler Changes Name To ❡




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