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Horsie Whirled

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The Premiere of Jae Tyler's "Fantasy Whirled" has so many prettty horsies in it!
By Jennifer Convertables on December 15th (only 10 day to Chirstmas!)

HI ❤️ 'Fantasy Whirled’ is the best video. It has the pretiest horsie in it.🐴🗡It has the best eyes' that remind me of my mommy when she was yung👼🏻. If I was Jae Tyler I would talk to my horsy all the time becuase horsies need love like mommies. 💇‍♀️! ,,I asked mommy if i chould  be in  music video too and she said NO! 😔 She says a horsie is not a real job and i got sad. 😔 Mommy gets headaeches so i haveto be quiet! 💆🏻‍♀️😻

🏇 Grown-ups made thevideo. A girl artist named Amanda Bodell 👧and  a boy named...gustaf Holtenas🧒who made some thing called ''the graphics'i guess,, 🗡my freind AlexiS said Tae Jyler said that "fantasy whirled is really just about how obsessed i got with the Lord of the rings. I really love the Lord of the rings (extended edition)"✝️Mommy says the Lord of My rings is two scary for litle kids like me to see😠

🗡My favrit part is when there is a baby pony🐪in Jae’s room that has sparkeling lights. and then it grows up to be a big horsy for him to ride in the jungel and fight scary monsters.🦎🗡🩸 The monster made me feel scared but not to much. 🦎🗡🩸When i grow up I want my own special horsey with a cupholder like mommies car. Maybe some day i can be strong and silly just like the hoarse in ‘Fantasy Whirled’ and make mommy proud of me! 🌠 


My faverite horsie is Lil' Rickey Rocker.🐎Hes an Appaloosa and is white with brown spots🧍🏻‍♀️just like mommys hair. Jae Tyler's horsie in Fantasy Whirled isn't as pretty🎠 as Lil' Ricky Rocker but thats ok. Jae Tyler looks like a boy i know in my class and he's 12 and alexis likes him .🙉When my hoarsy looks at me i can here her voice talk in my brain her mouth doesnt move but i still hear her voice talk in my braine🖤and she tells me things like she wants moar oats it's fun!The End👯‍♀️🗡🗡


By Jennifer🌟🗡


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