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There's Nary a Battleship to be Found in Jae Tyler's New Video for

"Give Me That (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)"

By Fontaine Dupree St. La Fontaine | December 10, 2022


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In the provocative spirit of boyish charms and youthful inexperience, allow me to suggest an idea that is sure to boil your blood and sizzle your sailor soul. The Iowa class battleship is NOT the greatest battleship in American naval history. 


Heresy you say?

Well that's NOTHING compared to the glaring omission of ANY battleships of ANY class in the new music video for "Give Me That (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)" by moody virtuoso Jae Tyler.

If you’re anything like me, Battleship Potemkin is the best movie in history, naval or otherwise. Despite nary a mention of Battleship Potemkin nor any other pre-dreadnought era, Peresvet-class battleship the new Jae Tyler music video for "Give Me That (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)" manages to be quite the entertaining, dare I say “buzz worthy” piece of modern art.

Directed by Andrea Björk Andrésdóttir, and having an impressive array of special effects (none of which include dramatic re-enactments of some of the greatest naval battles in history e.g. the battle of Leyte Gulf taking place between Oct 23-26, 1944, scoring an 8 out of a possible 9 points on the Helmut Pemsel Scale of size and importance of naval conflict. Quite impressive considering the battles of Salamis, the Aegates, Actium, La Hogue, Trafalgar, and Jutland all tied for second place at a mere 7/9 points. Close but no cigar!), this bombastic video most assuredly swept me right off my sea legs! With an ever-revolving door of farcically portrayed newscasters, I must say Andrea Björk Andrédóttir’s mastery of special fx and storytelling launched me like an HBX-3 tipped, Otto fuel-propelled, submarine to surface, Mark 41 “Freedom Torpedo” into the 21st century!

While this is all interesting, I am sure you are wondering why I am claiming how the Iowa class battleship is NOT the greatest battleship in American naval history. The reason is because I 

believe the Arleigh Burke class second-rate battleship is by far and away the greatest battleship in American naval history, even though, and I've looked long and hard, there's no hair nor hide of it in Jae Tyler's "Give Me That (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)".

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