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netflix: altered carbon @ ces


Netflix wanted to get into some covert stunt action to hype their new series, Altered Carbon, at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Kamp Grizzly was tasked to make it happen.

Posing as the fictional company Psychasec, we built a futuristic booth in the middle of CES touting even more futuristic-y tech: living forever through digitized consciousness and lab-grown bodies. I wrote scripts in the voice and tone of the series for the actors hired to play Psychasec staff, working with them to develop a knowledge of their character and the technology. Along with a scripted list of possible Q&As they might receive, we created a surprisingly real experience for those who visited. We even had some business types drop us their info so they could "get in on the ground level." Pfft.

Turns out, everyone just wants to live forever. 

(ps. those are sex dolls hehehe)

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