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netflix: disenchantment @ sdcc


To help launch Matt Groening's new animated series Disenchantment, Netflix asked Kamp Grizzly to create an activation at San Diego Comic Con 2018. 

At first, we wanted to build a medieval-themed convenience store. No, they said, convenience stores had been done before. So we did a complete 180 and quickly pivoted to a totally different idea - a convenience store but it sells poison. It went over like gangbusters!

In addition to working with writers from the series on naming potions and poisons, I wrote a script for the shop staff, giving them numerous one-liners to say in their iffy British accents. Some gutbusters as follows:


For those who received a free sample, my condolences.

What's the worst thing that could happen, it's just poison.

Fourth in line to the throne? You've come to the right place!

For you, a spooky skull...I mean a button! Sorry, I was thinking about something that happened to me earlier. 

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